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Mar. 25th, 2009

Just a personal note

April 21-22 LYRIDS. (Tuesday & Wednesday)

June 14-16 LYRIDS. (Sun, Mon, Tues)

July 28-29 DELTA AQUARIDS. (Tues & Wednes)

August 12-13 PERSEIDS. This is a good one. (Wed & Thurs)

October 21-22 ORIONIDS. Also a good one. (Wed & Thurs)

November 17-18 LEONIDS. A must. (Tues & Wednes)

December 13-14 GEMINIDS. The most reliable one of the entire year. A MUST. (Sunday & Monday)

Jan. 28th, 2009

Oh wow

This is happening whether I get a job or not.

I need to start saving nooooooow.

Jan. 22nd, 2009

Lucky me

Today I got a call from the Philly Pretzel place! 
Lucky me! 

Went there to get an application, and I'm gonna hand it in tomorrow. The guy said he was hiring for February. The pretzel place would be great because they close early everyday, and I won't be getting home late. That is if this guy wants me to work there. I think he had other applications too, but I'll just have to see and find out. Either way, it turns out the online applications do work for some places.

Jan. 21st, 2009

Finding a job is hard

Finding a job is hard. No, I'm not being lazy. D: I just mean the mexican who is willing to get down on his knees and suck major cawk to get low pay can't even find a job nowadays. The economy is so low, no one is buying things, and stores don't really need to hire.

I went to 3 video game stores, a comic book store, 4 ice cream shops, bluck buster and Dunkin Doughnuts.

If you ask me, besides McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King and 1 Roy Rodgers... those are the only /good/ places to ask for a job at on route 9 near me. I really wanted to work at a video game store, but that isn't happening. If worse comes to worse, I can probably be a job during spring or summer when all the bennies come down and they get a lot of business. Especially the ice cream places. 0.o

So either way, I applied to places online.
2 Target stores, 2 staples, Toys R Us, the philly pretzel factory and... no, I think that's it
;.; I hope Staples or Toys R Us would look at my application. xD That would be fun!

xD I'm filling so many applications out, if by any luck I actually get a job, I probably won't even remember the job who actually accepted me.

"What? Huh? Dairy Queen called!"


Jan. 19th, 2009

The end of the 3rd day weekend

I'm a good girl <_< Haha.

I did my math, got the flash drive and finished my english work in a snap. xD

Today it snowed like crazy, so I snapped some pictures D: http://xdestin.deviantart.com/

Ah, Sen pai and I decided to take a break from seeing each other for a tiny bit, I think its a good idea. XD Its one way to solve the money thing and save up ;O Sooo he can hopefully get a job and yeaaaah. It'd prolly be harder to see him when he gets a job, but I'm sure he'd have one day free once in a while.

When spring comes and I'm not doing much in school, I'm gonna get a job too~

Jan. 16th, 2009

3 day weekend

Today was weird! Turns out from the snow and ice, we got a 90 minute delay. I stayed in bed, got up late and went to Little Johns to get a french vanilla coffee and an apple turn over. I realized how much I hated coffee when I got home, so I ended up dumping the whole thing. XDD I just wanted coffee because they didn't seem to have tea, so I thought it wouldn't be that bad. A little bit later, I sauntered into school, taking my time while wondering if school even started yet. Not a lot of people showed up -shrug-

All the periods today were shortened to 90 minutes. I'm not really missing any work.

I have to buy a flash drive tomorrow. T_T
I have to finish a tiny bit of math work.
And start on my english project, which is a photoshop/graphic arts project more than anything.

Tonight I went to the mall with Des~ <3 And I met up with Chey who I haven't seen in a while! She thought my Sakura wig was my real hair. XD Haha, I wish. I had a lot of fun with Desiree @_@ I bought a manga and this adorable cupcake icing mirror from Clarie's. Desiree also gave me my christmas present, and even though I knew what it was, I was so surprised. T_T The car radio she got me is so fantastic, I can't wait to use it. @_@ And she said the sweetest thing about us being the only close friends and stuff. That's what shes there for~

Tomorrow I'm gonna relax and start on that extra school stuff, and then Sunday I'm gonna spend a day with Sen pai <3

Jan. 14th, 2009

(no subject)

Go drink some more and see how that helps with your high blood pressure.

Jan. 13th, 2009

;_; Whhhhhhy

Am I sick again?! xD I am missing so much school, I can only hope I'm not missing a lot of work. I never miss anything at all when I'm there but when I'm not, I miss tons and tons.

Ah, the doctor said I caught this stomach virus thing that has been going around. So I've been sick since Monday morning. Monday morning sucked. I got up and drove to school hoping the sick feeling would go away. It didn't, so I drove back home. This morning I was tossing. So yeah, no school until Friday.

The worst part about this sick? Yanno how when you usually get a tum sick, you never get hungry? You can eat a cracker and drink a few sips of water in 2 days and be fine. Well I haven't eaten since Monday night and I am STARVING. The worst part is I can barely eat, most of it I'd probably toss... but I am so hungry @____@

I'm getting cravings to eat anything! Pop tarts sound good, McDonalds, Dunkin Dounuts, noodles, ah... the more I think about food...

God, I hope I don't toss again...

Jan. 10th, 2009

Ma Cherie

Today, I think, is the awesome-st-est day to come ever yet~

Jan. 9th, 2009

On a certain chapter seven

Oh, I hate how I'm writing, on a roll and then I get stuck on a new chapter. A new chapter could mean new beginnings, but I get stuck when I suddenly draw back, take a breath and say, alright, now what? That's when I get stuck. Cause I wonder what will happen and what should happen, and that draws all the energy out of me. =_= Whatever. xD I'm on 12,000 words~ Awesooooome. *_* Can't wait till I hit a lot more than that.

This snow really needs to go away. <_< We'll have to see what happens. Snow or no snow. Cafferty's or no Cafferty's. Weekend or no weekend. D: I'd rather be in school.

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